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There’s no comparison — grasslands store much more carbon can cropped land, especially when properly grazed.

There are (giga) tonnes of benefits from properly grazed grasslands

Light to moderate grazing can enhance soil carbon levels by as much as 40 per cent — 
if the land is managed properly

Reading Time: 3 minutes Even with no-till, grain farming depletes soil carbon levels, says a University of Alberta researcher. “If you increase crop production above ground, you decrease carbon production below ground,” said Barry Irving, manager of the university’s ag research stations. “When you take production from below ground and move it above ground, that’s great for agriculture — […] Read more

Boosting hay stand conditions

Boosting hay stand conditions

Reading Time: < 1 minute Many hay stands, especially older ones, are in poor condition following this year’s drought and in need of a fertility program, says a provincial forage specialist. “Doing it in spring is good, but although doing it in fall might lose a little bit of the nitrogen component, it allows for a very early effect on […] Read more

What’s on this year’s Cow-Calfenomics agenda?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sustainability, keeping a social licence, human resource strategies, and leasing for cattle are on the agenda for this year’s Cow-Calfenomics. As well, the one-day event will feature Brian Perillat from Canfax, who will give a marketing outlook and speak about herd expansion while forage business specialist Grant Lastiwka will give a presentation on economic grazing […] Read more

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Scorecard lets you put your pastures to the test

The scorecard is a simple way to see if a pasture needs to be rejuvenated

Reading Time: 2 minutes Highly productive pastures are the biggest key to high profitability of most beef, and other grazing ruminant operations. The Alberta Tame Pasture Scorecard is a quick and easy way of doing a pasture assessment. “Determining if pastures are functioning at the desired potential can be determined quite easily,” said Grant Lastiwka, a provincial forage and […] Read more

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Bale grazing saves time and money, and boosts pasture productivity

Cattle producers can save more than 40 cents per cow per day – but the time savings and more lush pastures are the big benefits

Reading Time: 4 minutes An “old throwback” way of feeding cattle is gaining traction among producers who are looking to save a little time in their day-to-day chores — and a bit of money. “Bale grazing is an approach to feeding cattle in winter that tries to look at reducing costs,” said Grant Lastiwka, a forage specialist with Alberta […] Read more

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Scientist says plants — not soil — are the building blocks of life

Australian soil scientist Christine Jones challenges conventional thinking 
by arguing microbes and fungi are the key to soil health

Reading Time: 4 minutes Though many claim that soil is the building block of life, Christine Jones has a different approach. “It’s not the soil that is the building block of life. It’s the plants,” the internationally acclaimed soil scientist and agricultural consultant said at a sold-out appearance in Olds. The Australian also drew a large crowd in Rycroft, […] Read more