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Know your grain quality going into the bin

A provincial crop specialist is reminding producers to take a sample of each load going into the bin to get a representative overall sample. “The goal is to have a sample that has the same characteristics as the large volume of product that it represents,” said Neil Blue. Farmers should also consider using the Canadian […] Read more

You can determine the protein content of your wheat using the Canadian Grain Commission’s 
free Harvest Sample Program.

Protein premiums drop from historic high in 2018

Shopping around can reveal how buyers are grading your wheat and how they pay for protein premiums

The 2018 crop year featured a strong protein premium for wheat, in particular hard red spring wheat. Neil Blue, provincial crop market analyst with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, looks at the situation with protein premiums on wheat in 2019. Blue says that wheat protein premiums this crop year have dropped back to below-average levels due […] Read more

It pays to know how canola is graded. For example, “light green or greenish-yellow seeds — sometimes called ‘limes’ — are not distinctly green and are not included in the green total,” says the Canadian Canola Growers Association website.

A sea of green washed through this year’s canola crop

Green seed usually isn’t a big problem, but a quarter of this year’s harvest may be downgraded

Feeling a little green after getting the grade for a load of canola you’ve just delivered? You’re not alone — many producers are taking a hit after a year that produced unusually high amounts of green seed. “We’re grading about 80 per cent of canola at No. 1, but some samples are grading into No. […] Read more

Harvest Sample Program deadlines extended

The Canadian Grain Commission is extending the deadlines for its Harvest Sample Program by a month because of this year’s late harvest. Producers now have until Nov. 30 to register online at and until Dec. 31 to submit samples taken from their crops. There is no cost, and participating producers are emailed a report […] Read more

Useful data from Harvest Sample Program

Many producers have told us that it’s useful to have grade and quality information on samples before delivering their grain. Participants in the Harvest Sample Program receive dockage assessment on canola; an unofficial grade; protein content on barley, beans, chickpeas, lentils, oats, peas and wheat; oil, protein and chlorophyll content for canola; oil and protein […] Read more

Get the grade and make more money when marketing your grain

The Canadian Grain Commission will grade samples 
for free — with even the postage paid for

Know exactly what’s in your bins before selling your grain. “One of the things that we can’t emphasize strongly enough is that farmers really should be getting good independent third-party samples of their grain,” said Jonathon Driedger, senior market analyst with FarmLink. “Then you know exactly what you have. You have a sample sheet that […] Read more

The Canadian Grain Commission’s harvest sample program will tell you exactly what you’ve got in the bin.

Get a handle on the quality of your grain before you sell it

Autumn rains are just the latest wild card in a challenging year for crop production

Knowing the quality of your crops is more important this year than ever. “Due to late rains that have spotted the northern portion of the province, grain quality may be different than first expected,” said Todd Bergen-Henengouwen, a provincial market analyst for ag inputs. “The first step is knowing what quality you have in the […] Read more

Protein data available

Canadian Grain Commission – Preliminary protein content data for the 2014 Canada Western Red Spring wheat harvest are now available by crop region. The data are based on samples received through the Harvest Sample Program and will be updated weekly. Go to, type ‘protein content red spring wheat 2014’ and select the most recent upload. […] Read more

Boost the bottom line with grain grading

The Canada Grain Commission’s Harvest Sample Program gives you an edge when marketing your harvest

When it comes to marketing, it’s important to know the product. And this is never more important than when selling crops. “Some crops are more complex than others to grade,” said Neil Blue, market specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development in Vermilion. “For example, canola is typically graded based on appearance, smell, moisture content, […] Read more

Red Winter wheat

Canadian Grain Commission looking for CPS Red or Red Winter wheat samples

Program helps marketers, and farmers who participate receive a free grade and protein analysis

If you’re growing Canada Prairie Spring Wheat or Canada Western Red Winter Wheat, then the Canadian Grain Commission wants your samples. “These are minor classes of wheat that not all producers grow,” said Twylla McKendry, program manager for Analytical Services with the Canadian Grain Commission. “We don’t have a lot of people in our database […] Read more