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Product for reducing shrink during transport worth considering

Product for reducing shrink during transport worth considering

Beef 911: A feed supplement that counteracts dehydration offers animal welfare benefits and an economic return

Reading Time: 4 minutes We all know that when handling, transporting and shipping cattle, stress is increased and weight loss and carcass changes occur. A new, or should I say reintroduced product, is back on the market after having been shelved by Agriculture Canada for many years. The product is called DeStress and is currently being marketed by a […] Read more

cattle grazing on a pasture

Lots to see on cow forage tour

Field Day Aug. 22 at the Lacombe Research Centre

Reading Time: < 1 minute Several on-pasture demonstrations will be held during a field day co-hosted by Livestock Gentec and the Lacombe Research Centre. The Aug. 22 event at the research centre will focus on better understanding the interactions among cows, forage, and genomics and on optimizing cow/forage production. The demonstrations include a multi-site legume tour; high- and low-vigour cows […] Read more

Cow and a Calf

Gentec field day slated for Aug. 22

Reading Time: < 1 minute Gentec and Lacombe Research Centre will hold a field day on Aug. 22 at the research station. This year’s event will focus on the interaction between cows, forage, and genomics. Presenters will highlight innovations relating to optimizing cow and forage production. On-pasture presentations include showcasing groups of high- and low-vigour cows and heifers; innovations and […] Read more

Have we gone overboard in the bid to get more marbling?

Have we gone overboard in the bid to get more marbling?

More beef is grading AAA or Prime, but lean meat has fallen dramatically – and that's not right, says expert

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you glance at the numbers, it seems like the cattle industry is getting more beef — and more AAA or Prime beef — from fewer animals than ever before. But dig a little deeper, and the numbers tell a different story. According to longtime beef industry analyst Charlie Gracey, the trend of feeding cattle […] Read more

Mangalitsa pigs are good natured and very lovable, says Malorie Aubé.

Hairy Hungarian heritage pigs find a new home in Alberta

Reading Time: 3 minutes People often do a double take when they see Malorie Aubé’s pigs. The heritage breed sports a thick woolly coat of black hair (white on their bellies), with piglets having horizontal white striping along their sides. Mangalitsa pigs — which originated in Hungary in the 1830s — are also a “lard breed” with a lot […] Read more