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Drawing on big databases and using AI to ‘scrape’ the internet produces info that ranchers can use to make better decisions faster, says David Wishart, an expert in both computing and biological sciences. The U of A professor is helping to develop an app that will put that treasure trove of info on a producer’s computer or smartphone in an easy-to-use form.

Would you like a supercomputer with your cattle herd?

Big Data: Armchair Rancher will harness the power of big data and AI, and give Alberta producers ‘a leg up’

Reading Time: 3 minutes The ‘’ of the cattle industry is in development — and the app could give Alberta ranchers a leg up on the rest of the industry. Livestock Gentec, in collaboration with Alberta Innovates and the University of Alberta’s David Wishart, is creating an app that will help ranchers make better and faster decisions on the […] Read more

cattle grazing on a pasture

Lots to see on cow forage tour

Field Day Aug. 22 at the Lacombe Research Centre

Reading Time: < 1 minute Several on-pasture demonstrations will be held during a field day co-hosted by Livestock Gentec and the Lacombe Research Centre. The Aug. 22 event at the research centre will focus on better understanding the interactions among cows, forage, and genomics and on optimizing cow/forage production. The demonstrations include a multi-site legume tour; high- and low-vigour cows […] Read more

AAFC scientists Michael Vinsky (l) and Changxi Li are looking for producers 
to submit samples for a beef genomic prediction trial.

Scientists looking for producers to participate in beef genomic trial

The project is part of the effort to use genomics to select cattle 
with improved feed efficiency and other desirable traits

Reading Time: 2 minutes Want to know more about the feed efficiency and traits of your cattle? Interested in contributing to research that can make a difference in Canadian beef cattle production? Researchers at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada are looking for producers to send in samples from their herds for use in a genomic prediction trial. “This will potentially […] Read more

Capturing value through livestock innovation

Capturing value through livestock innovation

Livestock Gentec Conference being held Oct. 13-14 in Edmonton

Reading Time: < 1 minute Playing the Long Game: Capturing Value in Livestock Innovation is the theme of this year’s Livestock Gentec Conference. Presentations include a look at what’s possible in genetic improvement in commercial beef cattle and the U.K. experience in increasing value in the beef chain. There will also be a panel on sustainable beef production along with […] Read more

Cows in pasture

Study aims to show beef is sustainable

Analysis will create a baseline for things like water use and carbon sequestration

Reading Time: 2 minutes Consumers have been asking for it, and now the Canadian beef industry is one step closer to proving its sustainability. “We’re trying to find the impacts — both positive and negative — that come from beef production, from when an animal is born on the ground to when it becomes a kilogram of beef on […] Read more

cattle grouped together on a pasture

Genomics proving its worth for purebred cattle

Genomically enhanced selection is catching on with purebred producers, but crossbreds pose more of a challenge

Reading Time: 2 minutes Purebred cattle have a leg up on their crossbred cousins — at least as far as genomics is concerned. “The purebred industries are the ones that are really using genomically enhanced selection indexes,” said Dawn Trautman, technology translator at Livestock Gentec. “In the purebred industry, you can get validated markers a lot faster because you’re […] Read more