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Cattle producers get longer phase-in on new transport regs

New federal livestock transport regulations, due to come into force in February, will now roll out on a longer timeline for the beef and dairy cattle sectors. Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau has announced a “two-year transition period” for bovines, which is meant to provide “time to gather more data on effective solutions concerning the […] Read more


Livestock transport regulations up for comment

The public can comment until mid-February on proposed new livestock transport regulations which the government says will help Canada line up with international standards and limit how long livestock can go unfed during shipping. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency on Monday announced amendments to the federal Health of Animals Regulations dealing with transportation have been […] Read more

Temple Grandin speaking at a conference

Temple Grandin in Calgary

Reading Time: < 1 minute Renowned animal welfare expert Temple Grandin will be the keynote speaker at the Canadian Livestock Transport conference in Calgary on May 5-6. Grandin will speak about overcoming adversity on May 5 and give a presentation on animal welfare the following day. The Innovation, Education and Awareness conference will also have sessions on hog transport research, […] Read more

Safe transport is a key concern for consumers and the main reason for calls to the minister of agriculture.  
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Better animal welfare is also better for your bottom line

Consumers are beginning to demand higher animal welfare standards 
for livestock — but improving welfare isn’t ‘rocket science’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Animal welfare and beef cattle productivity are “inseparable,” says a federal research scientist. “Sick animals are not productive animals,” said Dr. Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein. “Incidences of sickness and lost performance are really heavily linked to welfare.” Stressors like castration, transportation, weaning, and handling have been linked to things like slower rate of gain, greater chance of […] Read more