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farm machinery fertilizing a field

The recipe has to be just right when fertilizing your crops

Phosphorus and potassium work well when placed in the seed row — 
but nitrogen and sulphur are mobile

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nitrogen may be the first thing producers think of when they want to bump up their yield — but don’t neglect the other nutrients. “In order to get the maximum benefit out of all of our fertilizer nutrients, we need to have a balanced supply,” said University of Saskatchewan soil scientist Jeff Schoenau, who drew […] Read more

cattle grazing in a pasture

Watch for mineral deficiencies in cattle diets when grazing stubble

Cow-calf pairs turned into stubble fields have different mineral 
supplementation requirements compared to when they were on pasture

Reading Time: 3 minutes Letting cows graze on stubble is a good way to utilize forage resources, but producers need to pay attention to potential mineral deficiencies, says provincial beef and forage specialist Barry Yaremcio. “They will pick and choose what they eat from the straw, chaff, weed seeds in the stubble, slough hay from the low areas and […] Read more

Agronomist says too many producers are playing ‘farm Vegas’ with inputs

Norm Flore says there’s a place for many specialty inputs but 
they can add to costs without generating much of a return

Reading Time: 2 minutes Producers have better odds playing the slots in Vegas than they do playing “farm Vegas” with their inputs, says agronomist Norm Flore. “Not all inputs are having the same likelihood of a return,” Flore, manager of agronomic services for Crop Production Services Canada, said in his FarmTech presentation. “At the end of the day, it’s […] Read more