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Manitoba winter fertilizing ban back on

Snow’s arrival throughout Manitoba means no more extensions for the province’s farmers to apply winter fertilizer or manure. The province said Thursday its second extension, which was to run until the end of the day, has been rescinded, and the winter nutrient application ban is in place effective immediately, given “recent snowfall accumulations.” The winter […] Read more

Manitoba extends fertilizing deadline to Saturday

A warmer-than-usual November has allowed Manitoba’s conservation and water stewardship department to delay its winter fertilizing ban until Saturday (Nov. 14). With soil temperatures not yet at the freezing point, the province announced Monday it would extend its deadline for spreading of phosphorus and/or nitrogen, including synthetic fertilizers and/or manure, to Nov. 14 from Nov. […] Read more

Tile drainage, long common in Ontario and the U.S. Midwest, is now attracting more attention in Alberta.

Both pros and cons to tile drainage

Being able to remove excess moisture is a big plus, but there are a lot of factors to take into account

Reading Time: 3 minutes It wasn’t long ago that if you asked most Alberta producers if they used tile drainage, they likely wouldn’t know what you were talking about. A common practice in Ontario and the U.S. Midwest, it’s only in recent years that Alberta growers have warmed to this system in which subsurface tubes remove excess moisture from […] Read more

Manitoba lifts fertilizing ban early

Manitoba farmers are cleared to apply spring fertilizer and manure on their fields, now that the ban which was supposed to last for another week and a half has been lifted. Soil temperatures across the province have risen to the point that the restriction — otherwise in effect each year between Nov. 10 and the following […] Read more

Manitoba extends fertilizer application window

Manitoba crop producers who’d hoped to apply manure or fertilizers to their fields now have a couple of extra days before the province’s annual winter ban takes effect. Manitoba’s conservation and water stewardship department announced Friday it will delay the start of the annual provincewide winter nutrient application ban until Wednesday (Nov. 12). Soil temperatures […] Read more