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rows of trees at a nursery

Tree planting dos and don’ts

Agroforestry specialist Toso Bozic outlines the basics from buying to planting

Reading Time: 2 minutes A tree needs a healthy head start and that begins with selecting the right seedlings. “Ask where the stock came from, as many trees are not adapted to Alberta’s harsher climate,” said provincial agroforestry specialist Toso Bozic. “If you don’t get a tree that suits your needs, wait for next season and order in advance.” […] Read more

trees in a forest, snow on the ground

Funding for trees lost to beetles or floods

Application deadline is July 30

Reading Time: < 1 minute Rural landowners in Alberta are eligible for two tree-replacement programs offered by Tree Canada. Under the mountain pine beetle ReLeaf program, landowners who have shelterbelt trees or landscape trees around their yard killed by mountain pine beetle can apply for tree seedlings or potted trees (up to a five-gallon pot size) to a maximum amount […] Read more

row of trees near a canola crop

Planning is key to preparing an effective shelterbelt

Specialist recommends visiting mature shelterbelts and talking to landowners

Reading Time: 2 minutes Trees and shelterbelt planting is a long-term investment that requires careful planning and design. “Ask yourself what you want to accomplish by planting trees or shelterbelts on your property,” said Toso Bozic, a provincial agroforestry/bioenergy specialist. Trees should always be managed with future generations in mind, he said. “The goals can be many — ranging […] Read more

A man holding his young son in his arms.

As population soars, so does demand for trees and shrubs

Nursery stock is being shipped in from as far away as Minnesota to meet the demand for trees and shrubs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alberta’s population is booming, and so is demand for landscaping materials such as trees and shrubs. “There’s a phenomenal amount of growth available in the industry right now,” said Cody Brown, general manager at Tree to Tree Nurseries in Gleichen. “Alberta producers cannot grow enough material to meet market demand… the only thing that will […] Read more