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As the temperatures fall, the chance of spoilage goes up if you’re not keeping a close eye on canola in the bin.

Don’t gamble by not aerating your canola

Uneven maturity means there’s more green seed this year, and that ups the risk of spoilage

Reading Time: 2 minutes You can lose a lot of money in a hurry, so watch for potential canola storage problems as fall transitions into early winter, says a provincial crop specialist. “Canola seed’s high oil content makes it very susceptible to deterioration in storage,” said Neil Whatley. “Safe, long-term canola storage is at or below eight per cent […] Read more

checking canola in a storage bin

Sudden rise in cases of heated canola

Temperature cables are a good way to discover if your bin is at risk

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canola delivery points report a spike in heated canola over the past couple weeks. Crushers have capacity to accommodate a certain amount of mildly heated canola, but some locations are maxed out and have pushed back delivery of heated canola well into the new year — given the sudden increase in volume. Growers are encouraged […] Read more