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Hay shortage could make for difficult winter

CNS Canada — Many cattle producers looking for local feed this winter might have a difficult time, according to a Saskatchewan provincial forage specialist. However, producers further north in the grey and black soil zones, and those in Alberta producing high-quality feed for export, saw near-record hay production. Terry Kowalchuk of Saskatchewan Agriculture in Regina […] Read more

The pyramid stack is “probably the worst way to store the hay,” says a provincial forage specialist.

Put more jingle in your jeans this winter

Shopping around, alternative feeds, and how you store your hay can make a huge difference to the bottom line

Reading Time: 3 minutes With cattle prices off their record highs, many producers are sharpening their pencils. And it can be well worth it. “We have to watch our input costs — that’s the one thing we can control,” said Dean Dyck, a farm business management specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “If our incomes go up but our […] Read more

Palatability is one of several factors to consider when buying pea straw.

Pea straw is a feed solution but it presents challenges

How much do you pay for it? And how do you use it in your ration?

Reading Time: 2 minutes A shortage of feed has prompted many producers to bale pea straw. “In travelling around Alberta, it seems that a lot of field pea straw has been baled,” said Mark Olson, unit head of pulse crops with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry in Stony Plain. “However, many producers selling or purchasing field pea straw for feed […] Read more