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Alberta stripe rust update

Alberta stripe rust update

Reading Time: < 1 minute June 25, 2014 – Nineteen fields of winter wheat were surveyed for stripe rust in the Lethbridge, Warner, Cardston, and Taber Counties of southern Alberta. Stripe rust was observed in 61 per cent of the fields with the majority (66 per cent) reporting at less than 1 per cent incidence and severity (1 infected plant per square […] Read more

Traces of stripe rust reported in southern Alberta

Reading Time: < 1 minute A total of 24 winter wheat fields in the Cardston-Lethbridge, Warner, Vulcan, Taber, Forty Mile and Cypress Counties were surveyed for stripe rust. Stripe rust was observed at trace levels in four fields in the Coaldale-Stirling, Warner areas and at low (five per cent) levels in one field near Cardston. In the remainder of the […] Read more

stripe rust on wheat

Central Alberta winter wheat fields hit hard by stripe rust

Stripe rust is showing up in winter wheat fields in central and southern Alberta, 
and threatens adjacent spring wheat fields

Reading Time: 3 minutes Severe stripe rust infections in central Alberta have put wheat growers on high alert, says a federal research scientist. “Because wheat is such an important crop, stripe rust is one of those diseases that could have a major, major impact on cereal crop production,” said Denis Gaudet of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. “To me, it […] Read more

Plant diseases to look for in 2014

Provincial officials say the story for 2013 was of extremely localized disease 
outbreaks and the one for this coming year could be the arrival of new threats

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last year underscored the need for timely scouting for crop diseases. “Disease patterns matched the weather,” provincial pathology researcher Mike Harding said at last month’s 2014 Irrigation Update conference. “Different conditions led to serious disease issues in one area and virtually none just 20 miles away.” For example, cereal leaf spot diseases were widespread especially […] Read more