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Basic info from cattle database will remain free

But new owners of BIXS also need to create revenue now that government funding has dried up

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cattle producers will be able to access basic data from the now privatized Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS), but may have to pay for some types of information, says the head of the company. “BIXS is totally voluntary, just like the Internet,” said Hubert Lau, president and CEO of BIXSco. “You can use the Internet and […] Read more

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New BIXS boss wants beef industry to help revamp — and fund — database

Hubert Lau says he hopes industry partners will help ‘build models where everybody wins’

Reading Time: 2 minutes The new operators of BIXS aren’t interested in reinventing the wheel, but want to partner with industry to take the livestock database to the next level. And while funding for the latest revamp of the Beef InfoXchange System is still being worked out, the money likely won’t come out of farmers’ pockets, said Hubert Lau, […] Read more

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Is this the one? Latest BIXS revamp aims to boost bottom line

CCA is partnering with an IT company with the goal of creating a calf-to-carcass 
system that will benefit everyone in the beef chain

Reading Time: 4 minutes BIXS is getting another overhaul — but this revamp could make the beef database a lot more attractive to cattle producers. The Beef InfoXchange System has struggled since its creation four years ago to attract producers, but the company taking it over says it will be expanded and enhanced to bring in all players — […] Read more

Key players at the news conference announcing the new company to deliver BIXS include (from left) Larry Thomas, national co-ordinator of BIXS; Rob McNabb, general manager of the Canadian Cattleman’s Association; Hubert Lau of ViewTrak, CEO of the new company; and Ted Power, president of ViewTrak. (Lee Hart photo)

New company set up to deliver BIXS livestock data system

A new company — a partnership between the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) and livestock technology company ViewTrak — plans to bring the newborn unsteadiness of an information exchange network to a full gallop for all Canadian livestock sectors. The as-yet unnamed private company was formed to bring the CCA’s beef information exchange system, BIXS, to […] Read more