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Finance and succession help for younger farmers

Farm Credit Canada is putting on a series of events for younger farmers so they can learn how “to take control of their business journey.” Eight “young farmer summits” for producers under the age of 40 are being held across the country, including two in Alberta. “The future of Canadian agriculture depends on attracting the […] Read more

Ag census shows fewer total farmers, but more young ones

The typical farmer has already missed the Freedom 55 boat, but the sector is attracting more young people and women

There are fewer Canadian farmers, and those over 55 still outnumber their younger peers. But the number of operators under age 35 years has increased for the first time since 1991. But the number of young farmers remains modest, according to the 2016 Census of Agriculture. According to the census, there were 271,935 farmers in […] Read more

More needs to be done to help new entrants to farming establish successful operations, says Dana Penrice, Alberta co-ordinator for Young Agrarians.

Group wants to help new farmers find success

Young Agrarians in B.C. aims to meet the needs of new farmers

It’s no secret that there’s a need for new farmers to join the aging agricultural industry, but new entrants have their own unique challenges. That’s where Young Agrarians, a group designed to meet the needs of the new farmer, comes in. Young Agrarians, formed in B.C. in 2012, launched an Alberta chapter in February. It’s […] Read more

Wants, needs, and some advice for young farmers

When you ask beginning farmers about their priorities, a few key themes quickly emerge

Farm Management Canada recently hosted a fabulous conference in Regina where I was also contributing. The conference was peppered with interactive breakout sessions that made for lively discussion. Three of the questions stuck in my mind and I would like to share five comments on each of those questions with you. I don’t think it […] Read more

Our future Canadian farm leaders need to network

There is incredible diversity in the ag sector and great 
benefit in sharing ideas with farmers in other sectors

If we are to spread our wings in agriculture, it is often a good idea to look around. We gain an appreciation of the whole of agriculture if we look at all of it, rather than be limited to our sector. There are many good examples of how commitment can bring something into the mainstream. […] Read more

Young men and women must be empowered to become the farmer they were born to be.

Making room for youth — and youthful thinking — in farming

Young farmers love technology and are excited by change, but they’re often penned in by the walls of tradition

Farmers often lament the lack of youth in agriculture. I would argue that this is not true — there are a lot more baby strollers than walkers at major agricultural conferences, especially ones where technology is highlighted. There may be fewer young farmers, but the young men and women farming today have a broader reach […] Read more