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The campaign to whitewash farm and ranch vocabulary

Cargill is apparently no longer in the business of ‘slaughtering’ cattle

Farmers and ranchers have a well-deserved reputation for straight talk. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say, after all, were essential elements in the handshake deals that were the hallmark of rural business for generations. They still are. Now, however, some folks outside the nation’s fields and fences are working overtime to wash […] Read more

Policies give lie to farmers’ mantra

Some people believe in tillage, others in no till. Some people believe in planning, others in fate. Ask an American farmer if he believes a big part of his destiny includes feeding the world and he’ll likely say, “Yep.” The answer is quick and sincere because somewhere in every farmer and rancher’s makeup is a […] Read more

U.S. cattle industry vibrant — but not for cowboys

Twice a week,New York Timescolumnist Thomas L. Friedman drives political and economic policymakers into full rant on topics as opposite as global free trade (he loves it) and national industrial policy (he loves it, too). Kiss him or kick him, Friedman can turn a phrase. A current Friedmanism notes that “If you jump off the […] Read more

WTO — nine years of talks, none of action

While $16.6 billion is a nice chunk of business, it also matches the monthly trade deficit – $16.5 billion The surest way to confirm if anyone in Washington, D.C. is telling you the truth about trade is to watch their lips: if they move, they’re not. Of course, not many lips have moved on trade […] Read more

Big U.S. Packers Pull Out Their Ammunition

Roosters crow, cows moo and pigs squeal. To be more precise, proud roosters crow, contented cows moo and, contrary to popular folklore, scared pigs – not happy ones – squeal. In fact, the more scared the pig, the louder the squeal. This simple piece of farm knowledge was confirmed, again, in a Jan. 5 letter […] Read more

Checkoffs A Sore Point With U. S. Producers

When Benjamin Franklin noted in a 1789 letter to a friend that “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes,” he did not foresee the incestuous, billion-dollar-per-year commodity checkoff industry. If you farm or ranch in America, not even taxes are more certain than the beef checkoff, the pork […] Read more