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Canola production of 26 million tonnes sought by 2025

After producing a record large 17.96 million-tonne canola crop in 2013-14, the Canola Council of Canada (CCC) is looking to further increase Canadian production in the next decade. Introduced Thursday, the council’s new 10-year plan, titled Keep it Coming 2025, targets production of 26 million metric tonnes, with the average yield at 52 bushels per […] Read more

Logistical issues continue to keep oat prices stable

Despite a large 2013-14 crop, Canadian oat prices continue to remain stable well into the winter as logistical issues moving grain across the Prairies are seen as bullish. “It’s 100 per cent logistics related,” said Ryan McKnight, a grain merchant with Linear Grain at Carman, Man., speaking of current prices. “The contract execution risk is […] Read more

Flax acres could rise in 2014 if prices stay stable

Despite a larger-than-expected crop, prices for flax in Western Canada continue to be stronger relative to other oilseeds — which observers say could mean another acreage increase in 2014. “I think if anything, the numbers were a little bit higher (than expected), because the yield numbers were a little higher than was anticipated,” said Will […] Read more

Lethbridge barley still hasn’t found a bottom

It’s been a volatile year for Lethbridge barley, with prices moving as high as $300 per tonne in early summer, from where one Lethbridge barley broker sits, noting a bumper crop sent the market in a steep decline that’s expected to continue into 2014. “Well, we went from a market in January through July where […] Read more

Oat prices stable despite ‘bearish’ StatsCan report

Statistics Canada’s crop production report last week should have been bearish for Canadian oat spot prices, but continued logistical issues appear to have kept prices relatively stable. “It’s shrugged off the outrageously bearish StatsCan numbers,” Ryan McKnight, grain merchant for Linear Grain at Carman, Man. said of the market. “Basis has weakened slightly lower by […] Read more

FDA’s trans fat ban good news for canola

CNSC / The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcement Nov. 7 that it plans to phase out the use of trans fat in processed foods could cause demand for soyoil to drop in coming years, opening the door for other edible oil markets. “The announcement was really a surprise,” Dave Lehman, managing director of […] Read more

Lentil prices remain competitive for Prairie growers

CNSC / A large crop and competitive prices for lentils has many Prairie growers optimistic as they begin to market their crop over the next 10 months, said Bobby Leavins, operations manager for Rayglen Commodities in Saskatoon, Sask. According to Statistics Canada, Western Canada’s lentil production is pegged at 1.709 million tonnes, which would make […] Read more

Feed barley prices could see further lows

CNSC / Lethbridge barley saw a slight bump in prices the last few weeks, but Jim Beusekom, grain broker at Marketplace Commodities in Lethbridge, said that prices could see further lows depending on the price movement of other feed markets. “Through the second half of October, we’ve seen the market rally just slightly in Lethbridge,” […] Read more