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Geopolitical forces are overriding supply-and-demand factors in grain and oilseed markets, 
says analyst Mike Jubinville.

Buckle up — grain markets are in for a bumpy ride

Politics, protectionism and the increasing odds of a global recession make for a ‘tough market’

Trade wars around the globe have created a turbulent marketplace for Canadian farmers — and the wild ride isn’t likely to end any time soon. “Over the past two years, the markets really stand apart from what I’ve seen in the 30 years that I’ve been following the grain markets,” said Mike Jubinville, senior market […] Read more

“But if you don’t know enough to understand what’s going on in the markets, you could start trading in a way that’s not managing risk or capturing higher pricing,” says David Derwin of PI Financial.

Grain marketing plans come with a learning curve

Forward contracting is a good way to get started, and a solid plan is needed to lower risk

Marketing your grain and using your drone have more in common than you might think. “No one just buys a drone, flips the switch, and away it goes. You’ve got to figure out how it works and how it’s going to work for you,” said David Derwin, an investment adviser at PI Financial. “It’s the […] Read more

Tips for managing market volatility in 2017

It’s too soon to say exactly how market volatility in 2017 is going to play out, but Errol Anderson has some tips to manage whatever the markets throw at you in the coming year. Strong Futures-Strong Basis What should you do? “Price it. It’s tough to do because, at that point, everybody is bullish. But […] Read more

The future looks dangerous, says market watcher

Central banks have created an economic bubble and 
when it bursts, demand 
for everything will 
screech to a halt

Errol Anderson’s opinion on the global economic downturn isn’t one you’ll read in too many newspapers. “I’m going to make a bold statement: We are at the end of an 80-year capitalistic cycle that has already been prolonged 10 years by central bank manipulation. It has to be refreshed, and it will be,” said Anderson, […] Read more

ICE canola sets new daily volume record

Canola contracts on the ICE Futures Canada trading platform posted record daily trade volumes on Tuesday, Dec. 10, far surpassing the previous record which was set only a week earlier. There were 68,962 canola contracts traded on the Winnipeg-based electronic market on December 10, according to preliminary trade data. That’s well above the previous daily […] Read more

More downside risk than upside potential for corn prices?

In the week after the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) November 8, 2013 World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report, corn prices initially rose, only to begin a week-long decline. The immediate response can be attributed to U.S. corn production numbers that were slightly below trade estimates while the utilization numbers were above […] Read more

U.S. corn exports seen second smallest in 20 years, despite record crop

Last year’s drought taught importers to look elsewhere and taught the rest of the world to plant corn

Reuters / The United States, which once supplied three-quarters of all corn traded globally, has seen its market share erode with the emergence of rival suppliers in South America and eastern Europe and a record-large U.S. crop this season will do little to revive its corn export dominance. Several years of historically high prices have […] Read more