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Washington dreaming in technicolor in cellulosic-biofuel forecasts

Every year the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency forecasts millions of gallons of cellulosic 
biofuel will be produced, but so far production has been virtually non-existent

Reading Time: 2 minutes The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has consistently overestimated the prospects for production of advanced biofuels from non-food crops, adding to the impression its biofuel policy is out of step with reality. By law, fuel producers must blend a certain portion of biofuels with gasoline. Some of it must be “advanced” (ethanol is classed as non-advanced) […] Read more

A process operator shows a handful of corn at the GreenField Ethanol plant in Chatham, Ont. Turning low-value materials like switchgrass and corn husks into ethanol to fuel cars is something of a holy grail. But scientists on the front lines of this search are finding that making the process viable is proving much harder than the hype would suggest.

Analysis: Are we near peak biofuels?

It is now clear, depending on where the boundary is set in life-cycle estimates of carbon emissions, that some 
biofuels offer limited or no benefits compared with conventional gasoline

Reading Time: 4 minutes A stalled biofuel industry will need to produce far more efficient fuels to avoid setting off another bout of arguments over its contribution to boosting energy security and cutting carbon emissions. Biofuels had a difficult 2012. In the United States, Energy Information Administration data show production through November fell compared with the same period the […] Read more