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Maybe Not Supply Management, But Managing Supply

Reading Time: 2 minutes The world wants Canadian agricultural exports, but we need to make sure that our farmers can make a fair living in the process. President, Keystone Agricultural Producers Iread with some interest a recent analysis of the potential for supply management in the cattle industry from John Masswohl, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association Director of Government and […] Read more

Fertilizer Manufacturers Aggravate Farmers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Comments by fertilizer executives and others implying farmers are putting world food supplies “at risk” by not buying fertilizer inputs are extremely aggravating to their farm customers (see quotes from Bill Doyle in “As farmers cut back on fertilizer, the impact could reverberate far beyond Potash Corp.’s bottom line,” Globe & Mail, April 24, 2009). […] Read more

Canada Needs A National Food Traceability System

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ian Wishart is president of Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP), Manitoba’s general farm organization. KAP recently attended a research and development conference for agriculture and food traceability. Trace R&D was hosted by the University of Manitoba and focused on examining traceability technology and looking into a national traceability research strategy. A considerable portion of the event […] Read more