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Smithfield makes move on market for pig-human transplants

Chicago | Reuters — Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork producer, has established a separate bioscience unit to expand its role in supplying pig parts for medical uses, with the ultimate goal of selling pig organs for transplantation into humans. Routine pig-human organ transplants are years away, but recent scientific advances are breaking down barriers […] Read more

Scientists use genetic code to jump-start development of a bird flu vaccine

By the time an actual sample of the H7N9 virus arrived in U.S. labs, scientists had already
used its genetic code to make a synthetic version and begun work on a vaccine

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reuters / Even before they got a sample of the new bird flu virus from China — typically the first step in making a flu vaccine — U.S. researchers had already begun testing a “seed” strain of the virus made from the genetic code posted on the Internet. This new, faster approach is the result […] Read more