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Opinion: Are the changes to ag research really being led by farmers?

Opinion: Are the changes to ag research really being led by farmers?

The changes being made will have a major impact, but the issue isn’t attracting much attention

Reading Time: 3 minutes In February of 2016, I experienced something I will never forget. I witnessed farmers and ranchers unite across the province in passionate protest against the newly introduced Bill 6, the occupational health and safety legislation. We saw France-style farmer protests including tractor demonstrations and big crowds of angry folks. It reminded me of images I’ve […] Read more

crop spraying test plot

Does the time of day matter when applying herbicides

Burn-down trials suggest applying herbicides at dawn may be less effective

Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you ever evaluated your weed control and come across confusing differences between fields? Perhaps they were even sprayed on the same day with the same chemical? The good news is you might not be crazy. Well, at least not more than normal. We just rated our burn-down trials for a third year where we […] Read more

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Nailing down the value of precision agriculture

The potential for geo-referenced yield maps and variable rate is huge, but how it works in the field is key

Reading Time: 2 minutes People have been talking about precision agriculture as the next big thing in farming for more than two decades. Of course, back then, GPS wasn’t as commonplace. Today, almost all smartphones have built-in GPS and the things that you can do with the right “app” are pretty amazing. You can geo-tag your pictures (which means […] Read more

Dispelling the myth of Big Agriculture

Putting out the facts is farmers’ best way for discrediting their critics

Reading Time: 3 minutes What would you think if Big Oil or Big Tobacco said to you, “Just trust us!”? Are we guilty of the same thing in Big Agriculture? Do we even consider why they paint all of us that way even those we are just family farmers? So what if we use herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and even […] Read more

Ken Coles

Perception can become reality — which is why we need to understand our critics

Glyphosate foe Don Huber has become a darling of critics of modern agriculture, 
even though he’s never offered proof for his accusations

Reading Time: 3 minutes Netflix got me hooked on the popular television show “Mad Men.” To be honest, it was kind of boring for the most part, but I ended up watching the first six seasons in a month or so. Being a gen-Xer, it was intriguing to get a glimpse into a time when I was not alive. […] Read more