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Argentine farmers to halt crop sales for three days in protest

Buenos Aires | Reuters –– Argentine farmers will suspend grain sales for three days to protest export quotas and other government policies they say hurt profits, the country’s main growers’ organizations said Tuesday. The strike will start on Wednesday, March 11, leaders of three of Argentina’s biggest farm groups told a press conference. “This action […] Read more

Argentine cattle sector bounces back from 2009 drought

Argentina’s cattle herd has grown to 51 million head and should keep recovering from a devastating 2009 drought that, along with price controls, forced ranchers to slaughter millions of animals before their time. Between 2007 and 2010, 17 per cent of the herd was slaughtered or died of thirst and hunger. That three-year period was […] Read more

Parrots, Pigeons Threaten Argentine Sunflowers

Flocks of hungry parrots and pigeons are plaguing sunflower farmers in some parts of Argentina, eating their crops and thinning their wallets. As swelling numbers of birds feed on fields, growers try to scare them away using balloons with “menacing eyes” painted on them. Farmers also try to scare the birds using reflective tape, scarecrows, […] Read more

Coals To Newcastle? Beef To Argentina?

Argentine cattle raiser Jose Trivino fears the end of a decade-long boom in feedlots that is changing the face of traditional ranching on the legendary Pampas plains. As the nation’s farmers turn over more land to lucrative soybeans, cattle that once roamed freely over vast expanses are increasingly being reared in feedlots and fattened on […] Read more