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Keeping It Local — All Week Long

Farmers’ markets offer a great experience for consumers and sales opportunities for producers, but it’s often just a few hours every weekend. Then what is a customer supposed to do? Make a trip to the farm? Wait until next week’s market day? Creative Cleaver, a small butcher shop in Lethbridge, offers an innovative solution to […] Read more

Southern Alberta Stands Out For Frito Lay

A fixture in southern Alberta for more than 35 years, Frito Lay Canada continues to expand and improves its operations here. With a recent expansion to its Taber plant this year, the company is well positioned for future growth and new technologies, says Trevor Lewington, Western Canada planning manager for Frito Lay Canada. “We are […] Read more

Onefour Continues To Evolve After More Than 80 Years

“It’s amazing what’s been done here.” Tucked into the southeast corner of Alberta is a short-grass prairie ranch not too different from its neighbours, but at the same time unique in its characteristics and activities. As a research substation of Agriculture Canada, Onefour is a stronghold of forage and cattle research. Ian Walker, ranch manager […] Read more

Cattle And Sheep Top Research At Onefour

It’s a whole other world of research in southeastern Alberta. There are no high-tech labs or white-coated scientists. Instead, researchers here wear blue jeans, plaid shirts and leather boots. The research at Agriculture Canada’s Onefour substation is down to earth, and it is has generated groundbreaking results that are applicable worldwide. For example, many of […] Read more

Crop Insurance Claims Could Be Highest Ever

“Some yields won’t ever recover, but producers might be feeling a bit better” Crop insurance is getting a run for its money this year, with large numbers of claims coming in due to frost damage and dry conditions. Alberta Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) is looking at alternative ways to expedite all those claims in the […] Read more

Raptors Get A Second Chance In Coaldale

“If hawks and owls weren’t eating gophers, there’d be a million more.” It started as a storm water retention site, which it still is. But 20 years later, it’s a full-fledged nature centre specializing in saving injured raptors. “Quite often all you hear about is the extreme stories, where hawks and owls are being threatened, […] Read more

Winter Pulses — Promising, But More Research Needed

“Rather than finding out what’s the best date to plant, perhaps we should be thinking about what stage is best for overwintering.” Determining the best seeding date is important for producers of winter crops, but one expert suggests the better measure might be what stage of plant growth is best going into winter. “Rather than […] Read more

Ranchers, Conservationists Take Action To Protect Habitat

“I just can’t help but wonder why did it take, you know, 14,000 years for this meeting to happen?” – Dixon Hammond, Beaver Creek Watershed Group Southern Alberta is home to about 60 per cent of the province’s population, but only 40 per cent of the water resources. Therefore, stewardship groups are a vital part […] Read more

Potato Growers Opposed To Bill 43

“I would not have any problem with it if producers had had a chance to vote on it.” While the repercussions of Bill 43 may not be realized for a few years, the Potato Growers of Alberta are acting now to ensure that the organization stays strong. “We won’t know the consequences until 2010 or […] Read more