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woman at farmers' market

Consumers are dissatisfied — and that’s why farmers’ markets are booming

More and more people are distrustful of big corporations, and farmers’ 
markets offer ‘food authenticity’ the big chains can’t match

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the warm weather winds down, farmers’ markets around the country are looking at yet another record season. Despite substantial food price increases in recent years, these operations, which typically sell food at a higher price, have generated more than $700 million in revenues this year in Ontario alone, and plans to open more are […] Read more

Playing Russian roulette with food

Playing Russian roulette with food

The urge to teach someone a lesson seldom inspires sound policy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia is banning imports of a wide variety of agricultural products from Canada, Europe and the United States. The effects of this decision on Canada will likely be felt in the pork industry as we export to Russia well over $300 million worth of pork products each year. Putin’s move […] Read more

Hog industry needsto root out its own fix

Integration Canadian producers need to follow the Danish model of harmonizing the supply chain

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many factors, most of them foreseeable and manageable, have triggered bankruptcies in the hog industry over the years. These factors include fuel costs, currency fluctuations and access to some markets closing. Big Sky Farms, now in receivership, filed for bankruptcy protection and restructured its business just a few years ago after a similar run-up in […] Read more

Moving beyond supply management

Reading Time: 2 minutes Now that we have some clarity on the economic future of the Canadian Wheat Board, attention is slowly turning toward the issue of supply management, which has arguably served our agricultural economy well for decades. Economically speaking, these sectors have been unwavering, and consumers have long benefited from stable retail prices for these products. However, […] Read more