Bad doesn’t begin to describe situation of unharvested fields

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“Cleaning up the acres left out in the spring will be no small task.” So reads the provincial Ag Ministry’s final crop report of 2019. It estimates 10.4 per cent of crops are still in the field — on par with the dismal 2016 season (when 10.3 per cent was unharvested).

But that number doesn’t tell the whole story.

In the Peace, one-third (32.3 per cent) of crops weren’t harvested, far worse than the next hardest-hit region (the northeast at 13.1 per cent). And canola edges wheat and even barley and oats when it comes to unharvested acres. The province estimates 15.5 per cent is unharvested (versus 10.2 per cent for wheat and 14.7 per cent for barley).

Again, Peace farmers are suffering the most (33.6 per cent unharvested) followed by those in the northeast, who have 18.3 per cent of their canola acres lying under snow.

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