Dutch goat’s cheese gets protected EU status

Brussels | Reuters –– A type of Dutch goat’s cheese can now only be produced in the Netherlands after the European Union said on Tuesday it had registered it as protected, awarding it the same status as Greece’s feta and Italy’s parmesan.

“Hollandse geitenkaas” is a semi-hard cheese prepared in a similar fashion to the well-known Dutch cheese gouda, but with milk of the Dutch White goat or related cross-breeds.

At the moment the EU’s geographical protections are mostly only enforceable within the 28-member trading bloc, but it has pushed their expansion to other markets.

Debates over whether the term “feta” can only be used by Greek producers has weighed on the EU’s trade negotiations with the U.S. and Canada, both of which have local varieties of “feta”.

Reporting for Reuters by Robert-Jan Bartunek in Brussels.

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