WeatherFarm boosts local-level data for farmers

WeatherFarm now offers farmers an expanded daily email as well as a new mobile app, whose forecast page is shown here.

Prairie weather network WeatherFarm has moved to expand the data it can provide to farmers through its new daily email.

The network, operated by ag meteorology firm Weather Innovations Consulting (WIN) in partnership with Glacier Farmmedia, owners of this website, gets its data mainly from over 1,100 weather stations set up at farms, grain elevators and other locations across Western Canada.

Farmers signed up for WeatherFarm’s daily email will be able to get daily data from the station of their choice, the company said, but will also get a daily wind and precipitation forecast.

That forecast, broken into morning, afternoon, evening and overnight segments, will include wind speed and direction, cloud cover and expected precipitation levels.

The email will also include maps charting high and low temperatures across the province of the farmer’s choice, noting the province’s daily average highs and lows.

The email also connects farmers to WeatherFarm’s local hourly forecast for that day and the following day, plus a seven-day forecast.

From the email, farmers can then reach other information on the WeatherFarm site for that station, including radar, weather analysis, historical data and crop-related tools such as SPRAYcast Lite, which helps farmers find windows of time most favourable for spraying.

A new WeatherFarm app is also now available for iPhone and Android phones, providing a mobile version of the station data and other information available on the WeatherFarm website. — Network

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