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man inspecting forage grass

Sainfoin story keeps getting better

Sainfoin is a marvel when it comes to eliminating bloat, but earlier varieties were outcompeted by alfalfa

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s been neglected for years, but sainfoin is poised to come into its own, with the first new variety that regrows quickly after cutting or grazing due to come onto the market in 2015. In rotational grazing trials at Lethbridge last year, sainfoin-alfalfa pastures produced more than 400 kilograms of beef per hectare with no […] Read more

Survival of the fittest key to developing new variety

Reading Time: < 1 minute Plant breeders usually look at huge numbers of plants when searching for particular traits. But Agriculture Canada research scientist Surya Acharya took a survival-of-the-fittest approach to finding a hardy and competitive sainfoin variety for alfalfa-sainfoin pastures. He transplanted plugs of seedlings into pure alfalfa stands, and used those that thrived to create the new Mountainview […] Read more

cows eating hay

It takes more than sunshine to make high-quality and high-yielding hay

Cutting at the right time, giving stands a chance to recover, and investing in 
nutrients can make a big difference to the bottom line

Reading Time: 3 minutes Producers are becoming increasingly aware of how hay quality and productivity affect their bottom lines — whether they’re selling hay or feeding it to their livestock. The biggest factor in achieving these goals is the timing of cutting, says Barry Yaremcio, beef and forage specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. “For every week a […] Read more

hay bales in a field

Manufacturers say new haying equipment will boost productivity

Updated models introduced last summer should make putting up 
quality hay a little easier and more efficient this year

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last summer, marketing reps from all the major farm equipment brands invited members of the farm media to events in the U.S. to see — and in some cases try — newly introduced equipment, including hay tools and tractors. Much of the focus of last year’s new machine introductions were designed to appeal to livestock […] Read more