Beef code of practice open to comment

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Ranchers, farmers and consumers are all able to have their say until March 8 on the proposed Canadian code of practice for care and handling of beef cattle.

The public comment period opened earlier this month on the draft code, which can be viewed online at, and has an option to submit comments.

The draft code, under development since September 2010, is being updated through the National Farm Animal Care Council’s (NFACC) code development process in partnership with the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association.

The code development committee’s process to date has included a peer-reviewed scientists’ committee report, summarizing research on priority welfare topics for beef cattle, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association said in a statement.

When finalized for release, which is expected to take place in June, the code will be “an important tool for communicating how beef cattle are raised in Canada,” the CCA said.

Consumers and industry stakeholders now get their say to ensure the code reflects a common understanding of beef cattle care expectations and science-based recommended practices in Canada, said Ryder Lee, CCA’s manager of federal and provincial relations.

“This public comment period really allows us to check our work with an even more representative group,” said Lee, who served as a member of the code development committee.

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