Livestock affected by wildfire smoke, too

Livestock affected by wildfire smoke, too

The extensive smoke from this year’s wildfires has prompted the American Veterinary Medical Association to put out an advisory for pets and livestock.

“If you can see or feel the effects of smoke yourself, you also should take precautions to keep your animals — both pets and livestock — safe.”

It urges animal owners to watch carefully for symptoms such as coughing; open-mouth, noisy or more rapid breathing; eye irritation and excessive watering; nasal discharge; fatigue, disorientation or stumbling; or reduced appetite or thirst.

Along with ample fresh water, it recommends limiting dust in feeding areas and giving livestock four to six weeks to recuperate after the air quality returns to normal.

“Attempting to handle, move, or transport livestock may delay healing and compromise your animals’ performance,” it says.

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