McDonald’s to promote Egg Farmers of Canada standards

Egg Farmers of Canada is working with McDonald’s Canada to launch a new certification trademark for eggs served in the food-service chain’s 1,400 restaurants nationwide.

McDonald’s advertising for its Egg BLT McMuffin sandwich sold this summer will display the EQA (Egg Quality Assurance) trademark.

“The EQA program is the culmination of decades of work building world-class standards in the Canadian egg industry,” Egg Farmers of Canada chair Roger Pelissero said in a release.

The McDonald’s advertisements will be the first time that most Canadians see the new EQA certification mark, with it appearing on television, print and digital channels from now until the beginning of September.

All EQA-certified eggs have met the requirements of Egg Farmers of Canada’s national Start Clean-Stay Clean and Animal Care Programs.

The food safety pillar includes everything from on-farm inspections to mandated standards for storage, cleanliness, air quality, feed and record-keeping. Under its animal care program, field inspectors conduct on-farm visits to ensure hens are in a “comfortable environment, with a well-balanced and nutritious diet, fresh water and clean surroundings.”

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