Celebrating everyday things is a gift in 2020

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What was your favourite story in the paper during the past year?

That’s an easy one — it was the front-page story of the May 18 paper bearing the headline, Life and its blessings continue during these troubled times.

Or at least the uplifting stories of seven families from rural Alberta struck a chord with many readers, who wrote to say how nice it was to read something that pierced the ‘doom and gloom’ that the pandemic brought.

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The people featured in the stories weren’t doing anything extraordinary, but rather things such as preparing for a new baby, taking time to phone elderly neighbours, and checking out wildlife with a young grandson.

The folks in the following stories from reporters Jennifer Blair and Alexis Kienlen aren’t extraordinary either. But they are putting a little extra effort into ordinary things — adding some carpentry lessons to home-schooling or playing board games — or something a little different (a one-vehicle Christmas parade anyone?).

Like the stories from the paper from that long, long time ago when the pandemic was only two months old, this sampling of life on Alberta farms is meant to lift the spirits and offer a bit of inspiration as we head into the depths of winter.

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Glenn Cheater

Glenn Cheater is a veteran journalist who has covered agriculture for more than two decades. His mission is to showcase the ideas, passions, and stories of Alberta farmers and ranchers.



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