Get a grant to hold a Safety Day event

Safety Day events have taught tens of thousands of children about the hazards and risks associated with farming and rural life.
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There’s still time to apply for funding to put on a Safety Day event this year for children in your area.

Each year, communities across Canada host Safety Day events — reaching approximately 17,000 young people annually. Participants learn about the hazards and risks associated with farming and rural life.

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association offers grants of up to $700 for each Safety Day event to cover costs like venue rentals, speaker fees, busing, and lunches.

“These volunteer co-ordinators and host committees all work to keep children safe,” said Marcel Hacault, the safety association’s executive director. “These dedicated individuals are often planning and hosting these days on their own time and sometimes, on their own dollar. This fund will remove some of that financial burden.”

The safety association has already allocated more than $20,000 of the available $35,000 this year from its Youth Safety Day Fund, which is supported by Corteva AgriScience.

For more information about the fund or to find out how to host a Safety Day, visit the CASA website or call 877-452-2272.

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