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The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association has a variety of safety training materials for kids.

Some safety days to start this fall

Reading Time: < 1 minute A nationwide event that has helped hundreds of thousands of kids learn how to say safe while working and playing on the farm won’t be fully back in action until next year.  Most Farm Safety Days — there are usually 75 to 90 in a normal year — have been cancelled this year, said Robin […] Read more

File photo of apple picking in a Canadian orchard. (Martinedoucet/E+/Getty Images)

New B.C. youth work rules: Heavy lifting, ag chem handling out

New standards also lift province's 'general working age' to 16

“Light farm and yard work” are deemed appropriate for workers at ages 14 and 15 under new employment standards taking effect in British Columbia this fall. The province on Wednesday announced changes to its Employment Standards Act, which have been through the development and consultation stages since 2019, have now been finalized and will take […] Read more

A child-sized safety vest is part of an activity kit on farm safety available through the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association.

Farm safety kits aim to teach important lessons early

Reading Time: < 1 minute There’s a pair of new activity kits for farm kids and youth, both aimed at keeping them healthy but in different ways. The BASF Safety Scouts program is billed as “a fun and interactive way to support family farm safety.” The ag company has partnered with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) on the kits, […] Read more

About 100 animals were saved from this barn fire (believed to be caused by an electrical short) in southern Ontario in December 2018, but another 1,300 pigs perished. Statistics on the number of barn fires, animals lost, and causes are hard to come by in much of Canada, but these “horrific” blazes are far too common, says Humane Society International/Canada.

Barn fires underreported — and far too common, says humane society

Most provinces, including Alberta, lack accurate stats, and that’s part of the problem, says official

Reading Time: 3 minutes Even animal death in a barn fire is one too many. But at first glance, it would seem Alberta has a reasonably good handle on them. A recent study found that during a five-year period (2015-19), Quebec had 141 barn fires and Ontario 121 — but there were just eight barn fires in Alberta. The […] Read more

Alberta Wildfire tweeted this photo taken near the town of Tomahawk in Parkland County on May 6. With dry conditions this year, officials are urging farmers and acreage owners to ‘FireSmart’ their property.

It doesn’t take much to reduce fire risk in the farmyard

An easy-to-do cleanup of the yard and area right next to the house is worthwhile

Reading Time: 2 minutes Provincial officials are urging farmers and acreage owners to ‘FireSmart’ their property. Dry conditions have seen wildfires season get off to an early start this year and officials say rural residents can significantly reduce the risk of property damage with some simple measures. Start by walking around your home and examining everything within 1.5 metres […] Read more

The ag industry has become a lot safer in recent decades, but farm accidents are still occurring in numbers that demand our attention.

Opinion: You say safety is a priority, but the stats tell a different story

Farm accidents will spike in these hectic and stressful months so please give safety more attention

Reading Time: 2 minutes I am sure I am not alone in saying that COVID-19 has dominated my thoughts, conversations, plans, work and social life for the past year. We all hoped we would have moved past this point by now — and while we are getting closer, we are not there yet. With all the (rightful) attention being […] Read more

Even in the best of circumstances, moving farm equipment on highways carries risks.

Be seen and be safe when moving farm equipment on roads

Do everything you can to be visible, and consider taking extra measures, says expert

Reading Time: 3 minutes Think there’s no way a massive piece of farm machinery travelling down a highway can be completely unseen? Consider this story. On the morning of Jan. 4 of this year, a 72-year-old man died when a semi-trailer hit the tractor he was driving on a two-lane highway in southern Manitoba. The driver of the semi […] Read more

This is one of seven ‘quick start’ safety guides available from AgSafe Alberta. The short guides offer practical first steps for reducing safety risks on a farm.

Take it personally — and make a commitment, says farm safety expert

Don’t practise on-farm safety because the government says so — do it for yourself and your family

Reading Time: 3 minutes Working safely on the farm is like getting ready to jump out of an airplane. You can’t afford to pack your parachute right only some of the time — you have to do it right every time. That line of thinking is the same producers should be using in their safety procedures every day, safety […] Read more

The four ‘whats’ and four ‘hows’ of farm safety

The four ‘whats’ and four ‘hows’ of farm safety

Asking some very simple questions can take you a long way in making the farm safer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Putting farm safety practices in place takes time and commitment. But many best practices don’t necessarily have to be formal or difficult, said Alan Quilley, a safety expert for more than 40 years who has helped some of the biggest employers in Canada build their safety cultures. He calls his model an integrated safety management […] Read more