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Use safe access such as proper steps or ladders when pumping fuel into storage tanks.

Avoid disaster with simple farm fuel management steps

With producers buying fuel tanks in record numbers, now is the time to review safe practices

Everyone loves a bargain, and producers got a big one this spring when fuel prices dropped to lows not seen in ages. With average prices ranging around 65 cents per litre for diesel and 50 cents for gasoline with tax exemptions, producers quickly queued up at their local suppliers to shave some dollars off their […] Read more

“It’s not a matter of if your grain dryer catches on fire — it’s a matter of when,” says Richard Hoppins, Trochu’s fire chief and a producer himself.

Don’t let your grain dryer become a grain fryer

A few quick, simple measures can prevent your dryer — and your grain — from going up in smoke

Every harvest — and especially in recent years — grain dryers across Alberta are put into action. But the busy season doesn’t leave time for the care and maintenance to reduce the risk of fire when these units are working flat out. Although it’s impossible to completely eliminate fire risk with anything that creates heat, […] Read more

When making your safety plan, walk through the farm and look at any potential hazards not only through your eyes, but also through the eyes of your employees.

Opinion: During stressful times, the risk of a farm accident goes up

The pandemic has increased our stress levels and that’s all the more reason to be safety aware

As farmers, we are always at risk of on-farm accidents. But one factor puts us even more at risk — stress. Even though farmers are generally safety aware when it comes to our own farming operations, right now, in the midst of so much uncertainty, we are especially vulnerable. In a survey released by the […] Read more

Grants available for worker safety training

A new program is offering to help farm and agribusiness employers as well as food processors with the cost of pandemic-related training and equipment. The Agriculture Training Support Program “is intended to offset costs for COVID-19 safety and training, including the costs for personal protective equipment and to remove any barriers to get Albertans safely […] Read more

The Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association provides training for first responders who deal with entrapment situations. Its chair says too many farmers still take chances they shouldn’t when operating machinery.

Don’t try to ‘play the odds’ this growing season

Many farmers still taking unnecessary risks, says Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association chair

Spring is a time of hope and Randy Schmitz’s hope is that Alberta farmers will slow down a little as they begin a new growing season. Rollovers, run-overs, and being pinned or struck by a machine component are the leading causes of agriculture-related injuries and fatalities, said Schmitz, chairman of the Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association. […] Read more

Extra care is needed when using equipment this season to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Add COVID-19 to your safety plan for spring seeding

More cleaning and less sharing of equipment are sensible moves these days

Plan how to stay safe while seeding during COVID-19. Start, of course, by minimizing contact, said Jody Wacowich, executive director of AgSafe Alberta. “If you have a large group, maybe have them come at different points during the morning, so they’re not all together,” she said. But having safety conversations, in one form or another, […] Read more

Just outside the yard at Stamp Seeds is an intersection. Go through that — or any — stop sign is a firing offence, says Richard Stamp, adding that rule applies to him, too.

Alberta farm walking the walk on safety

Stamp Seeds has seen major growth and that’s prompted family to ‘put that culture of safety up front’

Much has changed at Stamp Seeds since it was founded by Richard and Marian Stamp more than 40 years ago. “We have a pretty dynamic farm — there’s never a day that goes by without something exciting happening,” said Richard. “But that is also why it’s been important to have a culture of safety on […] Read more

Take extra steps to keep farm workers safe during COVID-19

Add biosecurity practices, or ramp up the ones you already employ

Farmers concerned about the spread of COVID-19 can learn from the hog sector on the matter of protecting themselves and their workers, says a leading expert on biosecurity in the pork industry. “This is the world of biosecurity that the swine industry deals with on a daily basis,” said Dr. Egan Brockhoff, veterinarian counsellor for […] Read more

Firefighters use a silo kit and other items on hand to build a cofferdam around the 14-year-old girl trapped in grain.

It was just an average day during harvest — and then there was a scream

Thanks to BeGrainSafe training, first responders were able to avert a tragedy

Grain entrapment happens quickly and is often fatal — but awareness and training can avert a tragedy. That was the case on Nov. 4 in Leamington, Ont. when grain rescue training, the proper equipment, and teamwork all combined to save the life of a 14-year-old girl trapped in corn. It was just a regular fall […] Read more