New at-home learning program for 4-H’ers

New at-home learning program for 4-H’ers

4-H Canada’s newest at-home learning initiative, Dig Into Soil, gives youth the opportunity to explore the relationship between sustainable agricultural practices, soil conservation, food security and climate change, and consider the impact their own choices can have.

An all-new activity kit, available online, gives 4-H’ers fun, hands-on ways to learn about the importance of healthy soils with their families, their clubs or on their own.

Through activities such as ‘Sprouts and Soil Health’ and ‘Movers and Shakers…. and Wigglers,’ 4-H’ers will learn about biodiversity and the importance of soil health in food production, while the ‘Ultimate Compost Challenge’ will grow their practical skills and ‘Shout-out About Soil’ will give them the chance to demonstrate their youth leadership.

“Whether doing these activities on their own, with their families or with their clubs, 4-H’ers will not only learn new skills but also be empowered to make an impact on these important topics at home, in their communities and for the world,” said 4-H Canada CEO Shannon Benner.

The activity book can be found on the 4-H Canada website. The activity book for another new program, About My Plate and the Planet, will be available shortly.

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