New forage research papers available online

Three new papers look at tall fescue, barley after perennial forages, and slender wheat grass

New forage research papers available online
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The website has added some new research papers to its collection.

Yield and nutritive value of irrigated tall fescue compared with orchardgrass: In monocultures or mixed with alfalfa. This work is by Donald Thompson of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge Research Centre and can be read here.

Barley yield and nutrient uptake in rotation after perennial forages in the semi-arid prairie region of Saskatchewan can be read here. This work was done by P.G. Jefferson (Western Beef Development Centre); F. Selles (AAFC, Brandon), R.P. Zentner and R.B. Muri (AAFC, Swift Current), and R. Lemke (AAFC, Saskatoon).

Predicting seed germination of slender wheat grass [Elymus trachycaulus (Link) Gould subsp. trachycaulus] using thermal and hydro time models can be read here. This work is from M.P. Schellenberg and B. Biligetu (Semi-arid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre, AAFC, Swift Current) and Y. Wei (University of Saskatchewan).

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