Pasturing cattle on insured hayfields

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This spring has experienced low precipitation rates and windy conditions in many parts of the province that may be contributing to poor forage growth. Some Agriculture Financial Services Corporation clients may wish to pasture insured hayfields prior to haying being general in the area.

Clients wishing to pasture their insured hay acres prior to haying being general in their area will need to contact AFSC and request approval to use the hay crop for an alternate use and a pre-harvest inspection. At the discretion of AFSC the client may be given the option, to place a sufficient number of exclosures that are fenced off, and representative of the field. The placement and maintenance of these sites and associated costs are solely the responsibility of the client. When AFSC declares haying being general in an area, OFI will then complete a pre-harvest inspection and the average yield potential will be based on these fenced-off exclosures for that field.

A minimum of two sites per field and up to 40 acres is required, and a minimum of one site for every additional 40 acres is also required. Clients may build sites from material they have on hand; AFSC’s recommendation is to use eight- to 10-ft. steel panels, gates or round bale feeders. These will have to be solidly secured to the ground and, if needed, wrapped with material such as page or cement wire to protect the site from livestock grazing.

Clients with questions or concerns about the policy or procedures should contact their local branch office.

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