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FarmTech is a feast of plenty and it’s impossible for one person — or even a small group — to take in everything.

This year’s event features nearly three dozen presenters, four keynotes, eight concurrent sessions, and five producer group meetings in three jam-packed days.

Of course, every attendee will not only have his or her own ‘must-see’ list, but also their own set of highlight moments. Often, that’s just one small, but key, part of a particular presentation. It might be new information, a single insight, or just the way the speaker presents a familiar challenge or issue in a new light.

Alberta Farmer’s four-person team is hoping to capture as many of those ‘aha’ learning experiences as possible for our readers. But it’s a challenging task, so we’re asking for help.

If you have a take-away that you’d like to share with your fellow producers, please let us know. We’d love to chat and if you can’t find us in the crowd, all of us have picked up the bad habit of constantly checking our smartphones (although not, heaven forbid, during presentations), so we’re always reachable.

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Glenn Cheater

Glenn Cheater is a veteran journalist who has covered agriculture for more than two decades. His mission is to showcase the ideas, passions, and stories of Alberta farmers and ranchers.



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