Viterra Brand On Another Herbicide

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Grain company Viterra has added another Group 1 product to its new roster of company-branded herbicides, this time for Prairie spring and winter wheat, barley and rye producers.

The product, which the Regina company has dubbed Marengo, is a tralkoxydim herbicide, using the same active ingredient and rate as Dow AgroSciences’ product Liquid Achieve.

Viterra said the product is registered for post-emergence control of annual grasses in all varieties of spring wheat, winter wheat, two-and six-row barley and spring and winter rye, protecting against wild and volunteer oats, green and yellow foxtail, barnyardgrass and Persian darnel.

Viterra since February has now launched four Group 1 grass herbicides, also including Foothills, Shadow RTM and WildCat, plus a Group 1 and 4 combination dubbed Cypress.

The exact origin of the new product’s name wasn’t specified, but Viterra’s heritage company, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, previously operated a grain elevator at Marengo, Sask., about 45 km west of Kindersley.

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