Young egg producers offered a deal

Young egg producers offered a deal
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Egg Farmers of Alberta has launched a youth development program to help attract young farmers into the industry.

The program will accept a maximum of 20 unregistered young egg farmers on a first-come, first-serve basis, for a maximum of 10 years. The program will ensure eggs from participating farms are produced in accordance with industry standards for on-farm food safety and animal care. Compliance will earn participants a 50 per cent levy rebate.

The program is intended to complement the new-entrant program, said Susan Gal, general manager of the Egg Farmers of Alberta.

“Adding new farmers is always an exciting time for our industry, in terms of growth and gaining new perspectives, but the youth development program adds an entirely new twist of being able to cultivate those who could become part of the next generation of Alberta egg farmers,” said Gal.

In Alberta, quota is not required until you have more than 300 laying hens. Ungraded eggs can be sold to people who will be consuming them themselves. But eggs must be graded, and a marketing levy paid, if they’re to be sold to restaurants and stores.

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