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LETTERS – for Aug. 29, 2011

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Farmers Can’t Sit On The CWB Fence

I farm for a living and one of the most important machines on my farm is actually my sales department, the Canadian Wheat Board. The federal government now wants to end the board’s ability to bargain on behalf of me and my neighbours. Most of us are pretty angry about that because working together through our board gives us better prices. Without the board, farmers and Canadian food consumers will be right where the government wants us – in a marketplace dominated by some of the largest corporations in the world.

Are you aware that the farmer gets approximately 10-15 cents on the sale of a loaf of bread? You might ask yourself who gets the rest, and why do they need even more control of your food system. We’ve set up an organization called the Canadian Wheat Board Alliance to try to save our board from being wrecked. We’ve set up a website with information and produced a music video to get our message out.

Nobody can sit on the Canadian Wheat Board fence anymore. There is a crisis going on. Why should a government with only 39 per cent of the vote (and only 24 per cent of eligible voters) have the right to dismantle a 75-year-old institution whose only purpose is to give farmers a fair return for their product? You can agree with the government on a lot of things, but you do not have to follow them blindly on this issue.

Please share these messages with your friends and family and let your member of Parliament know that you support the Canadian Wheat Board and don’t want it changed.

Darrell Stokes

Hussar, Alberta

Letter To MPs: Allow Farmers To Vote

The Producer Car Shippers of Canada (PCSC) is concerned about the negative impact that the federal government’s intended changes to the Canadian Wheat Board will have on producer cars. We would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with the specifics of this negative impact.

This letter is to advise you that the PCSC is urging you to support a farmer’s right to have a say regarding the future structure of the CWB. A democratic vote by farmers through a plebiscite with a clear question as spelled out in the CWB Act is not too much to ask.

We are not asking you to take a position on the legislated single-desk privileges granted to the CWB, but we are asking you to show your respect for farmers by insisting that the federal government allow farmers and only farmers to vote on this farmer-specific issue. We look forward to your early response on this time-sensitive democratic principle.

Tim Coulter President

Producer Car Shippers of Canada

Briercrest, Sask.



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