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Alberta Wildfire tweeted this photo taken near the town of Tomahawk in Parkland County on May 6. With dry conditions this year, officials are urging farmers and acreage owners to ‘FireSmart’ their property.

It doesn’t take much to reduce fire risk in the farmyard

An easy-to-do cleanup of the yard and area right next to the house is worthwhile

Reading Time: 2 minutes Provincial officials are urging farmers and acreage owners to ‘FireSmart’ their property. Dry conditions have seen wildfires season get off to an early start this year and officials say rural residents can significantly reduce the risk of property damage with some simple measures. Start by walking around your home and examining everything within 1.5 metres […] Read more

The cost of canola seed has been steadily creeping up in recent years and could top $70 an acre for some this year, according to Alberta Agriculture data.

It takes money to make money certainly holds true for canola

The price of the two most popular seed varieties has ‘increased significantly’ in recent years

Reading Time: 2 minutes The price of canola seed “has increased significantly over the past few years” and if crop returns stay high, could go up more, says a market analyst with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “Based on the average yearly price, a farmer seeding canola at five pounds per acre will incur a per-acre seed cost of $63 […] Read more

Agronomy update to carry on, but in a virtual setting

Reading Time: < 1 minute The province’s four big crop commissions are “working together to continue the legacy of Agronomy Update.” The annual conference, formerly put on by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, will be a virtual affair this winter. This year’s event will be held Jan. 19-20 and will feature “a slate of high-quality speakers on a range of interesting […] Read more

Tips for your dugout inspection this fall

Tips for your dugout inspection this fall

Reading Time: < 1 minute When checking your dugouts this fall, start with the area that feeds into the dugout, says a water specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. ‘Make sure this area is free of debris that might flow into your dugout,” said Dan Benson. “This area should be mowed and kept clear of trees and weeds.” Leaves add […] Read more

small pond full of cyanobacteria

Keep an eye out for blue-green algae in dugouts

The cyanobacteria is highly toxic and it’s better to be cautious, says water engineer

Reading Time: 2 minutes When temperatures rise, you need to be on the watch for toxic bacteria in dugouts. “Blue-green algae is actually cyanobacteria, and can produce toxins that can be very dangerous,” said Shawn Elgert, agricultural water engineer with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “It can cause organ damage or even death if ingested by livestock or pets.” “If […] Read more

Annual forages offer benefits, says forage specialist

Annual forages offer benefits, says forage specialist

Annual pastures allow you to properly rest their perennial cousins and can be used for silage or greenfeed

Reading Time: 2 minutes Annual forages offer a couple of advantages for producers, says a provincial forage and beef specialist. “By seeding annual pastures, producers can give stressed perennial pastures a rest,” said Karin Lindquist. “If those pastures are rested early in the spring and following rain, they can produce good amounts of growth later in the summer. However, […] Read more

More U.S. cattle head North

More U.S. cattle head North

Reading Time: < 1 minute Live cattle imports from the U.S. are up sharply, says a provincial livestock market analyst. From January to November, nearly 243,000 non-purebred head were imported, an increase of 40 per cent compared to the same period in 2018, said Jason Wood. “Alberta non-purebred cattle imports were more than 145,000 head for the January to November […] Read more

A veterinarian with Alberta Agriculture says that any person raising pigs should be registered with Alberta Pork’s Swine Traceability system.

Everyone needs to be on traceability system

Even if you have just one pig, you should be registered with Premises Identification

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you raise pigs — whether in a commercial setting, on a natural or organic operation or in the backyard — get a Premises Identification. “During the outbreak, we used it for tracing, and we used it for notifying farms in the risk area,” said Dr. Julia Keenliside, veterinary epidemiologist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. […] Read more

Part of a 36-panel array in Athabasca County expected to produce 16,100 kilowatt hours annually. Fixed panels and a grid-tied system are recommended by the Solar Energy Society of Alberta, whose rural workshops continue to attract large numbers of producers.

Interest in solar remains strong, but subsidies in doubt

It’s not clear whether the new government will axe subsidies, but producers still drawn to solar workshops

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are provincial subsidies for on-farm grid-tied solar projects dead? And if they are dead, does that mean solar and other renewable energy projects have gone the way of the dodo as well? It would be hard to fault anyone for answering ‘Yes’ to both questions. While on the campaign trail in February, now-premier, Jason Kenney […] Read more