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Systems set to ship Canadian wild rice to China

Canadian wild rice producers, warehousers and processors interested in exporting to China now have a certification system in place to do so, clearing the way for Chinese market access. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency on Thursday released details of a new certification program in which the agency can approve Canadian wild rice processing, warehousing and […] Read more

Canada presses China on science in canola trade spat

Ottawa | Reuters — Canada is urging the Chinese government to stick to scientific facts in decisions on trade as Beijing plans to toughen its standard on Canadian canola shipments, federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay said Thursday. China’s quarantine authority, AQSIQ, notified the Canadian Food Inspection Agency last month that it would allow no more […] Read more

Paterson taps brakes on China canola sales

Winnipeg | Reuters — Crop handler Paterson Grain will take a more cautious approach to selling canola to Chinese buyers for the near term, after China said it would toughen its standard on canola shipments from Canada, the CEO of parent Paterson GlobalFoods said. China’s quarantine authority, AQSIQ, told Ottawa last week it would allow […] Read more

Blackleg, big stocks seen behind China-Canada canola conflict

Reuters — A “scientific disagreement” between Canada and China over the risk of transmitting the blackleg fungus is behind China’s move to raise its standard for Canadian canola imports, an industry official involved in discussions said. But some traders say the real reason for a higher standard that may slow Chinese imports is the country’s […] Read more

China tightens dockage rules on Canadian canola

Reuters — The Canadian government confirmed Wednesday that China has toughened its standard for canola shipments, an action that traders say may discourage sales to the country. China, Canada’s top canola export market, notified Ottawa on Tuesday of the new measures, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) spokeswoman Tammy Jarbeau said in an email statement. Reuters […] Read more