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Crop variety reports now available

Crop variety reports now available

Reading Time: < 1 minute This year’s crop varietal reports are now available. The reports are designed to help producers make sound decisions when considering which silage, cereal and oilseed varieties to grow. “Varieties of cereal and oilseed crops for Alberta provide information on cereal and oilseed variety performance within Alberta and northeastern British Columbia,” said crop research technologist Alex […] Read more

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Lightest harvest in years expected for Germany

CNS Canada — Drought and heat continue to pound Germany’s crops and analysts now expect the lightest harvest in 24 years, the association of German farm co-operatives DRV said in an Aug. 8 harvest report. The harvest for all grains is expected to decline to about 36.3 million tonnes, a 20.3 per cent fall and […] Read more

New Crop Missions deliver many benefits

New Crop Missions deliver many benefits

The unique collaboration between the grain commission, Cigi, and farmers is more than just a marketing effort

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Canadian cereals industry is united in reaching out to international customers. The 2016 Canadian Wheat New Crop Missions sessions kicked off on Nov. 10 with a seminar for Canadian millers, the largest buyer of Canadian wheat. By the time the missions are over later this month, they will have reached customers in 17 countries in […] Read more

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Winter cereal acres unclear due to wet conditions

Commodity News Service Canada/Winnipeg – Variable conditions across Manitoba and Saskatchewan have made it difficult to estimate winter cereal acreage, the head of an industry group says. But crops that are in the ground have seen mostly favourable weather. Jake Davidson, executive director of Winter Cereals Canada Inc., said he’s waiting for data from Statistics […] Read more

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Grazing winter cereals can work

First-year results of study on grazing winter cereals found both grain and silage yields were affected

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mixed farmers looking to cut costs may be able to hit two birds with one stone — by grazing the fall growth of a winter cereal. “This is a practice that’s quite common in other parts of the world, but it’s one that we haven’t really delved into, likely because we’re a little bit light […] Read more

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Trends for 2016: Pulses expected to steal acres from cereals

CNS Canada — Canadian farmers are expected to seed more pulse crops at the expense of cereals in 2016, according to early projections from industry experts looking at current market trends. “Definitely we’ll see an increase in pulse crop acreage,” said Bruce Burnett, weather and crop specialist at G3 Canada. Lentils and peas are seeing […] Read more

Producers are seeing poor returns when growing cereals, especially spring wheat, when compared with alternative crops.  Photo: File

Cereals North America: W. Canada to see marketing shifts

Winnipeg/Commodity News Service Canada – Crops in Western Canada saw a range of weather conditions this year, resulting in lower production and higher protein. That means there will be a marketing shift next year, according to Bruce Burnett, weather and crop specialist with G3 Canada (formerly CWB), speaking at a Cereals North America conference in […] Read more

Keep watch for fusarium graminearum in cereal crops

Keep watch for fusarium graminearum in cereal crops

The fungal disease is established in southern Alberta in areas especially under irrigation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fusarium graminearum (Fg) is a serious fungal disease, affecting yield and quality. Recent surveys indicate Fg is established in southern Alberta and traces are present in central and northern regions of the province. “When weather conditions are favourable for infection, and in irrigated cropping systems, an in-crop fungicide application may be considered, but only provides […] Read more