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The evidence is as clear as pumped water — more palatable water makes a big difference for cows and their calves.

They’ll drink to that — clean water boosts weight gain

Providing pumped water can boost weaning weights by 18 pounds and reduce health issues

Giving cattle access to clean water can improve herd health and increase weight gain and backfat. A 2005 study reported that calves whose dams drank from water troughs gained on average 0.09 pound per day more than those with access to a dugout. Because water and forage intake are closely related, as cows drink more […] Read more

Stock-watering advisory lifted for North Saskatchewan River

Livestock producers who usually draw water for their animals from the North Saskatchewan River may again do so, Saskatchewan’s Water Security Agency said Friday. The WSA on Friday announced it has lifted its advisories in relation to livestock watering and recreational uses such as water skiing and other activities. Those advisories took effect after a […] Read more

Is your well water safe to drink?

Water testing available free of charge through Alberta Health Services

AARD Release / Urbanites seldom worry about whether or not their water is safe to drink because regulations require municipalities to treat and test water quality on a regular basis. But it’s not so simple for rural residents who rely on wells, as they are responsible for managing and maintaining their wells, and ensuring their […] Read more