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There’s a story to tell about antimicrobial use — and it’s a good one

There’s a story to tell about antimicrobial use — and it’s a good one

Beef 911: The industry and veterinarians are doing what they should be doing to minimize resistance

Reading Time: 5 minutes There have been volumes written about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in recent years — this article will highlight some of the key points on how well the cattle industry is doing so far and what changes veterinarians may make in their recommendations going forward. For those of you who crave more detailed information, there are several […] Read more

Grazing sheep before letting cows into a pasture is one of the ways to lessen the parasite risk.

Ruminant parasite drugs are a precious tool — here’s how to use them

Rotating drugs, underdosing, and overtreating can lead to drug resistance in ruminants, says expert

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s no denying it — drugs used to treat parasites in sheep and goat production need to be employed properly. If they’re not, that could lead to parasitic resistance and drugs that just don’t work. “You can’t just hammer drugs at the problem, because they won’t work forever,” said Lynn Tait, a sheep producer and […] Read more

preparing a livestock vaccine

The criteria for selecting the right antibiotic

Beef 911: There are a lot of factors at play and all of them need to be 
considered in every case where antibiotics are an option

Reading Time: 4 minutes Although a few very effective antibiotics have been removed from the marketplace over the years, the choice has never been greater. The challenge is there are so many factors hinging on the outcome, so deciding which antibiotic to use — or if one is necessary at all — can be a very difficult decision. Also […] Read more

Only about 20 per cent of cow-calf producers are using Category 1 antimicrobials on their animals in a given year, a new study shows.

Producers careful with antimicrobials, survey finds

Only 20 per cent of those surveyed ever used antimicrobials 
important in human medicine, but some resistance was found

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cow-calf producers are being careful with antimicrobials — and that’s a good news story the industry needs to share with consumers, says one of the researchers of a groundbreaking study of cattle production on the Prairies. The cattle health network, which has been tracking production practices of more than 100 cow-calf producers since 2012, found […] Read more

Bacteria share antibiotic resistance with genetic partners

Bacteria share antibiotic resistance with genetic partners

Reading Time: 2 minutes Michigan State University researchers have uncovered a troubling trend towards multiple antibiotic resistance in concentrated animal feeding operations. A research team led by James Tiedje, distinguished professor of microbiology found that in large swine farms where antibiotics are used continuously in feed for growth promotion and disease prevention, multi-drug-resistant bacteria are likely the norm rather […] Read more

Research on antimicrobial use and resistance to be funded

A total of $1.5 million available for 
projects that reduce antimicrobial use 
or combat resistance

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Beef Producers and the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency are seeking research proposals focused on antimicrobial use and resistance. The two organizations will be awarding $1.5 million in grants for research in the following areas: Identify and/or develop practical and economically viable modifications to current beef production practices that reduce the need for non-ionophore […] Read more

Antibiotics should only be used to treat disease, not to prevent it, says veterinarian Craig Dorin.

Antibiotic resistance threat can’t be dismissed, say experts

Antibiotic use in cattle doesn’t appear to be a threat 
to human medicines, but their use must still be curbed

Reading Time: 3 minutes Despite intense scrutiny, there’s little evidence that antibiotic use in the cattle industry is increasing resistance to human medicines. But it could be causing increased resistance to antibiotics used to treat cattle, say two experts. There’s no question that using antibiotics increases the odds of bacteria becoming resistant, said Reynold Bergen, science director of the […] Read more

Declining antibiotic use in the poultry industry is a good news story, Tom Inglis of Poultry 
Health Services told attendees at the Western Poultry Conference.

Message received on antibiotic use

Poultry health expert says industry has responded to consumer concerns and is reducing antibiotic use

Reading Time: 2 minutes The poultry industry has a good news story when it comes to antibiotic use and it’s time to share it. “The industry is driving the bus right now and that’s a good thing,” said Dr. Tom Inglis, a vet and managing partner of Poultry Health Services in Airdrie. “It behooves us to think a little […] Read more

The Public Health Agency of Canada recently said it had found the MCR-1 gene present in three cases — two involving ground beef in Ontario in 2010 and one involving an Ottawa woman in 2011.

Livestock drug use back in the spotlight

New ‘superbug’ gene has alarm bells ringing around world and 
will likely mean more oversight of antimicrobials here

Reading Time: 3 minutes The discovery that a much feared “superbug” gene has somehow crossed the border into Canada is increasing calls for more oversight of on-farm antibiotic and antimicrobial use. The new gene, called MCR-1, makes bacteria immune to a group of antibiotics used as the last defence to fight resistant bugs. MCR-1 was confirmed to have surfaced […] Read more