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Seven things to remember when preparing for a farm transition

Where is it written that your parents have to go south for the winter together? Many aging farmers like to visit the Sun Belt at this time of year to get rest, connect with friends and have some well-deserved fun. But what if one of your parents prefers to stay home? When both spouses cannot[...]
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Seven rules of behaviour for family farm teams

When the next generation comes home, Elaine Froese says families can set up some rules of engagement right away so everyone knows and can operate within that culture. When new people join the team, it can help to clarify expectations. “Culture is the invisible glue that holds the farm and the family together. It is[...]
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Trent Clark has listened to succession experts and is putting their advice into practice on his Vermilion farm.

Start succession planning with a conversation — and then keep talking

Trent Clark has heard many succession ‘horror stories’ and is making sure 
that everyone in his family is on the same page

Planning for Profits Working on your farm management skills is like exercising — it pays big benefits, but it’s easy to push it off for another day. Only one-third of producers use business advisers or risk management tools, and fewer still do HR, succession, or strategic planning. To help make your farm more profitable (and[...]
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The formula for success on your farm

Straight from the hip: The challenges in farming are numerous and 
diverse, but Nuffield Scholar Jamie McCoy has found successful farmers 
have a common approach

When Jamie McCoy, my guest from Wales, sat around our fire last summer, she glowed with passion for the family farm. A fellow Nuffield Scholar, her project was to look at opportunities for small holdings. The release of her report in 2014, the International Year of Family Farming, could not be timelier. Of course the[...]
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Exciting times for Canadian farmers

Straight From the Hip: Rising farmland values reflect the solid fundamentals that are driving agriculture forward in this country

There is a lot of excitement in Canadian agriculture today. From the tremendous increase in farmland values to food processing — Canada is a country that has it all! In all my travel, I have never met a person who did not want to live, farm, visit or be educated in Canada. The ultimate destination,[...]
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