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The downside of farm subsidies

Government money is usually welcomed but those 
who take it soon learn it can come with a heavy price

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are certain aspects of farming around the globe that are subsidized either directly or indirectly. In the world of trade, these are sensitive issues. For example, what is the true level of subsidization in China? How does it enhance its competitive advantage? What is the real cost of production? We have many guests in […] Read more

France says EU orders repayment of $1.5B in ag subsidies

Paris | Reuters — The European Commission has asked France to repay 1.1 billion euros (C$1.54 billion) of farm subsidies dating back to 2008-2012, the French agriculture ministry said Tuesday. The Commission’s claim, which mainly relates to inaccurate declarations of farm area, initially amounted to around 3.5 billion euros before being negotiated down by France, […] Read more