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Farmfair runs from Nov. 6-10 at the Edmonton EXPO Centre.

What’s new in 2019 at Farmfair International

Big-eared bunnies, a honey show, craft market, and learn-in-a-hurry presentations are part of this year’s lineup

Every year, Farmfair International is offering new events and programs to keep the long-running ag show fresh for attendees. This is especially important this year as Northlands — the organizers of Farmfair — strive to attract guests who may not ordinarily attend an agricultural event. This year’s show is being held Nov. 6-10 at the […] Read more

Farming nations around the world share the same challenges, Princess Anne told attendees at the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth conference earlier this month.

Royalty comes to Edmonton’s Farmfair International

Princess Anne impressed by the scale of farming during her first visit to Alberta

It’s not every day that a princess drops by an Alberta farm show, but that was the case at this year’s Farmfair International. And Princess Anne was impressed by what she saw during her first visit to the province. “Alberta does provide an extraordinary backdrop to this international discussion about agriculture, food, and farming,” said […] Read more

The rodeo is gone but Farmfair riding on

Commitment, champion cattle, and commonwealth event hallmarks of post-CFR era

If this year’s Farmfair International had a theme song, a strong candidate would be ‘We are the Champions.’ Not only is champions a theme of the 2018 show — the Champion of the World Week will be a major highlight of this year’s event — but Farmfair itself has had to overcome some adversity to […] Read more

The Alberta Supreme Show features breed champions from all three of the top cattle shows in Alberta to name two Alberta Supreme Grand Champions. It takes place Nov. 11 at 4 p.m. in Hall D.

It’s always a jam-packed lineup at Farmfair

Here are a few of the events worth checking out at this year’s edition

Farmfair International features a lot to see and do during its Nov. 8-12 run, including all sorts of cattle, equine, and educational events. “It’s five full days packed full of programming,” said Suzanne Bielert, agriculture event manager with Northlands. “We look at what’s happening in the industry, what’s new and exciting, and then we work […] Read more

More than 100 international buyers are coming to Farmfair this year. Among the foreign attendees at last year’s event were Celso Gonzalez from Mexico (left) and Brazilians Yara Sune and Marilia Lopez.

Farmfair International gears up for expanded show

Farmfair is growing this year with a partnership with Agri-Trade and increased international interest

Despite challenges in recent years, Farmfair International is on deck to have one of its biggest shows in 2017, with 100 international buyers from 14 markets lined up. One of Alberta’s longest-running agricultural trade shows, the Nov. 8-12 event at the Edmonton Expo Centre will, for this year at least, again run concurrently with the […] Read more

Getting to visit Alberta ranches is one of the draws for the Inbound Buyer Program.

Shining a spotlight on Canadian genetics

Farmfair International rolls out the red carpet for foreign buyers so they can learn 
about and connect with Canada’s purebred sector

It comes with a learning curve, but sourcing or selling genetics abroad can open your operation to exciting opportunities to improve your purebred herd or find new customers. The Inbound Buyer Program is just one of the ways that participating in Farmfair International can get your purebred breeding stock noticed by breeders and buyers from […] Read more

The cattle on show are only one of the attractions at Farmfair International.

Big farm trade shows offer a chance to reconnect

Every year, Alberta’s farm shows attract hundreds of thousands of visitors — 
and socializing remains the major draw

Before there were smartphones, Twitter and Facebook, farmers perfected the art of social networking the good old-fashioned way — face to face at meetings, trade shows, and conferences during the busy winter season. And that’s still what keeps ’em coming back for Alberta’s two biggest farm shows. “For agricultural folk, whenever they gather, networking is […] Read more