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A woman is airlifted by helicopter, equipped with a cable and harness, from her flooded farm in Millarville in southern Alberta. She was stranded in the submerged tractor, as swollen waters from nearby Three Point Creek overtook the farm.

Flood simulation model promises a big payback

Insurers won’t issue flood insurance until they have a better way to calculate risks — 
and the flood simulation model does that

Agriculture is leading the charge into research which could ultimately mean flood insurance being available for all Albertans. As the massive flooding of 2013 highlighted, there is no insurance for such disasters. In fact, Canada is the only one of the G-8 nations without such coverage. ‘Why not?’ is the question that always arises when […] Read more

Manitoba seeks more climate-responsive risk management

A Manitoba provincial task force has been set up to seek ways in which farm risk management programs could be “more comprehensive and sustainable” in handling “climate-related challenges” such as floods. “Manitoba’s farmers have told us existing agricultural programs can’t adequately address these climate-related challenges, especially as they become more common,” Agriculture Minister Ron Kostyshyn […] Read more

Gerhard Reuter

Get ready for a lot more major floods, says Alberta meteorologist

U of A professor says the weather event that caused last year’s 
devastating floods will occur every five years in future

Albertans can expect major floods as often as every five years thanks to climate change, according to Gerhard Reuter, a meteorologist and professor at the University of Alberta. The last three big Alberta floods were in 2013, 2005, and 1996, and followed in the wake of “giant rainstorms,” which Reuter classifies as rain events of […] Read more