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Canadian dairy farmers protested against the Trans-Pacific Partnership in late September. Federal negotiators agreed to increase foreign access to Canadian dairy markets to 3.25 per cent, but Ottawa will set up a $4.3-billion fund to compensate farmers and processors who are negatively affected.

TPP trade deal to impact Alberta

Livestock, canola and grain producers say it’s a big win, 
but supply management will see its market share shrink

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s just what they hoped for — or not as bad as they feared. News of a deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was cheered by export-focused farm groups while getting a ‘it could have been worse’ reaction from many in the supply management sector. “This is really fantastic news for Canada’s beef producers,” said […] Read more

Farmers. Do you know your customer? Try this pop quiz

Farmers. Do you know your customer? Try this pop quiz

Alberta exported a record $9.7 billion of agri-food products last year — but where did they go?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Farmers are being urged these days to know their customers, so here’s a pop quiz based on the province’s latest agri-food export stats. 1) The U.S. has long been the No. 1 importer of Alberta agri-food products (raw commodities and processed products). What country is No. 2 and did its purchases go up or down […] Read more

It’s a shame that Canada imports more food products than it exports

Canada should look to countries like the Netherlands, which is a leading 
exporter of roasted coffee even though it doesn’t grow coffee beans

Reading Time: 3 minutes Canada’s agri-food trade profile continues to be in deficit. As the demand for specific items heats up around the globe, it’s apparent that a rethinking of our processing, value adding and export aggression is long overdue. Considering the low value of the Canadian currency, this is an opportune time to push our products onto the […] Read more